Wednesday 30 January 2013

On Top of the World with Wings Hawaii

Model- Jordan Payne
Make-up and Hair- Trisha Joseph 
Film by Reece Pottorff 
Styling and Music by Samantha Howard

On Top of The World

Presenting Wings Hawai'is Summer '13 Collection. Shot during one of the stormiest weeks this January in Haiku, Hawaii we found a break in the clouds of beautiful golden light. Here on the rooftop of our studio at the historic Pauwela Cannery we feel like we are On Top of The World. 

Come to Dreamland where we ride on waterfalls, we get our honey from the bee and having you here feels like heaven to me.  

See our whole collection online at

Wings Hawaii has such a lovely story behind the label and how the girls got to where they are today. The label built on such a strong friendship of girls with similar interests and dreams. They quote on their site "This is a line that is catered to your intelligence, creativity and individuality while keeping its great quality and affordability." 

I love this and think the way everything is handmade, sewn and made for you with love by them makes it more desirable to wear. Their beachy patterns & screen prints make these casual but fun pieces so versatile. From a picnic during the day, to a night out with the girls or a comfy night in front of the t.v. 
On the other hand their jewellery line is something that is so beautiful in so many ways, taking a piece of a tropical haven and being able to wear it with you. Not to mention their accessories and swimwear too.

Their new look book I was so fascinated by, took me few seconds to realise how they had filmed it and how amazing the idea was... what a great way to show off all their new pieces.
My favourite piece being there "I really am a Mermaid' singlets... the perfect piece for me. I am also eyeing off their comfy hoodies with cute turtles and mermaids pictured on the side.

Here is a lil snapshot behind the scenes of the girls in the office working away... 
such creative beings...

I hope you are all having a lovely week and I am off to BYRON TOMORROW WOO.
Love Leana xxxx


  1. Wow! So gorgeous, all of it! The video is great :) I'll definitely be checking Wings Hawaii out.

    MacK @ SoulMakes Blog

  2. Thanks so much for the sweetest words and sharing our video with all of your fans! I hope everyone enjoyed watching it as much as we had fun making it. So excited to know that people on the other side of the world can join us in haiku through your blog.


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