Tuesday 7 May 2013

peachy keen love in the sun - Amilita outfit

 Outfit details:

cardigan & dress - Amilita  /  Bikini underneath - Billabong  /  flower crown - Cjs flower crowns
watch - Pandeia  /  starfish ring - anendlessummer designs

So this outfit has been a long time waiting... After discovering the beautiful label Amilita just as she launched her newest collection featuring the to die for crochet cardigan, it was of course meant to be. A little light on the money I put my cardigan on hold, and well of course other things happened preventing me from working as much as normal. Anyway I watched as Gypsy stone and others posted photos in the cardi and well ahhh I finally bought it and it arrived on the perfect day in need of a smile.

Was I happy, and of course I couldn't wait to shoot in it, was planning to wait for a new pair of leggings on their way but was too excited haha... so here it is:

If you would like to purchase your own cardi and my oh my it is worth it hehe head over to-

Finally the sun is also coming out here in Melbourne for the next few days and I am so happy about that, instantly brightens my day :)

So I hope where ever you are this post acts as a type of sunshine to your day- adding some light, some brightness, a few smiles here and there :)

Love Leana xx


  1. Leana, your posts always bring sunshine & inspiration :-)
    The cardigan is so stunning and I love the combo with the peach colored dress.

    Have a beautiful day!
    ~ Athena xx

  2. I just adore this outfit!!

    Zoe xx

  3. Sweet Girl . . . you're so beautiful.
    You embrace the qualities of an earth angel.
    I always enjoy your signature style, and your
    uplifting energy. Thanks, for sharing your
    light and creative mind. <3


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