Sunday 12 May 2013

Days of crystals & daydreaming of travels- flat lay & Free People love

Outfit Details:
leggings - Novella Royale from Free People  /  dress - Amilita  /  shorts - Sportsgirl
bra - Spell Designs  /  bikini top - L*Space  /  flower crown big - Cjs  / shoes - Saltwater sandals 
flower crown small & moon necklace - Native Riot  /  fringe clutch - Kivari  /  candles - Palm Beach
tarot cards - The Wild Unknown  /  watch - Pandeia  /  book - Spell Designs
necklaces - Rico Designs, Prism & Sol, Wen & Ware, Emaldo, Bahgsu  

 rings from top to bottom:
Angle Diamond dot from Save the Last Pinker, Native Riot, Bahgsu, Vanessa Mooney, Spell Designs

So I am forever shopping online wishing I could buy everything I see… but there is one store where literally I want EVERYTHING …
Ahh it is just amazing, if you have not heard of it and looked through at what they have you are honestly missing out! I finally made my first and definitely not last ( yay 21st birthday in a week haha) purchase of a pair of amazing Novella Royale leggings. They are even more beautiful in person, this along with my new Amilita goodies and of course the latest issue of SHOP til you drop magazine inspired this flat lay.

After dealing with a lot in the last few months I have really reached out to wanting to learn a little more about crystals and what they can do for me in this healing journey and connecting with mum in ways. I have been lucky enough to receive some beautiful knowledge from Maggie of Bahgsu Jewels & Loz of Native Riot- both inspirational women in all they do and how they present themselves.

It is now the countdown till my 21st birthday… on the 21st of May next week YAY I am super excited and planning my outfit, make up and decorations down to a tee. It is my favourite thing styling out fun things like this so I cannot wait to share with you a post of the whole event :)

Hope this inspires you and brings some sunshine to your week,

Love Leana xx

photos above from

p.s am going to start yoga, and found this lovely video by Free People about why we should try it....


  1. I love how detail orienated you are in your layouts, even down to the color coordinating nail polishes. And yes, Free People - love them!
    So good that you are looking more into crystals to help you with healing. I am a huge & longtime crystal lover & wear one everyday. I even carry one (or whatever other stone I may be needing) in my pocket. They are truly magical once you find the right one for you. Many blessings to you as you begin your healing journey.
    ~ Athena xx

  2. I love your blog, thank you for this It's a pleasure to read you and see these pics
    Laura from France

  3. I Love your romantic Style... Is Lovely!

    Congratulations and thanks for the ideas.

    Regards from Agüita de Coco --->Canary Island (Spain).

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  6. I want to use the poster on my blog. May I?


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