Monday 13 May 2013

Winter Solace- Rico Designs Jewellery look book

Winter Solace details:
photographer - Nancy Tran
make up artist - Dina Fujimoto
designer - Richelle
model - Ebony Laine Harrison

The Rico Story

Living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Rico Designs founder Richelle divides her time between her two passions – jewellery and surfing.
From as far back as she can remember she’s created her own unique style of adornments, delighting in the love people get from choosing and wearing her pieces. This, in turn, drives her creativity. Richelle founded Rico Designs in 2010 in response to countless requests from friends and strangers to share her talents.
Living just metres from the ocean, everything in the collection is shaped and influenced by her experiences on the beaches, in the waves and soaking up the sun. 
Much like the sea, her designs are always changing and evolving. Pieces are infused with memories of travels through Asia, Europe and South America. From statement pieces to everyday treasures, from colours to contours, it all starts with the sun, the sea and the outdoors. 
Richelle loves to work with top quality, natural materials. Precious stones, premium quality leather, sterling silver, gemstones and wooden beads are carefully chosen and combined to complement each other. Much like your own unique life journey, everything in her collection has a backstory. Jewellery has the power to evoke memories of good times and places once travelled. Rico Designs captures those moments – reminding you of happy days and making you feel fantastic.
This unique collection of hand-made jewellery is fast becoming synonymous with boho-chic and a carefree beach lifestyle.


It is with such great pleasure that I am able to launch this beautiful labels new look book and welcome you to look through her new site... Rico Designs it is.
It is one of my favourite things to follow designers journeys and watch as they develop and make their mark on the world. To be apart of that is magical and makes me even more excited for my own design future!
The lovely Richelle i have known for a while now, and today sharing with you her new look site, logo and new collection is a big stepping stone for her. She has done such a great job and i feel so proud & special to be sharing this with you. Above you can read a little about who she is and where her design ideas stem from :)

RICO DESIGNS are also holding a competition at the moment head over to their Facebook page for more details on how to WIN:

I hope you guys enjoy the look book and have a look around the site yourself too :)

Love Leana xx


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  3. Those pieces are incredible!

    Zoe xx

  4. Ahh love this! I need a peacock chair!

    Koby xx

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