Tuesday 11 June 2013

Wings Hawaii- Samantha Howard interview

Wings Hawaii is a label I have really enjoyed learning about and getting in contact with. When you stop for a minute and really learn about the girls behind this label and the story that comes with it, you will be truly touched. I am doing a thesis at the moment looking at sustainability and ethical choices when designing. Wings Hawaii is a true example of this, taking into account many factors into looking after the environment; something I truly admire.

They are all mermaids at heart; something with share, and of course I just can't get enough of their Summer look book, the video has such a fun hawaii vive to it you instantly want to jet set off somewhere tropical. 

I was lucky enough to have a little interview with designer Samantha Howard, 
I hope you enjoy it...

check them out at: 

How did Wings Hawaii begin?
Wings Hawai’I started as a college project. It started with one single butterfly wing .the wing was representation of the personal transformations that we all go through. As creatures on this earth we can evolve on a daily, monthly, yearly basis. Sometimes just the recognition of this is so transformational in itself.

And why the name 'Wings Hawaii"?
Wings was a pretty literal description of the pieces I was creating. Every piece that is created has a story behind it. Each piece is derived from experience. They are dreamt at night or in the middle of the day. They are a reflection of the people in my life; their impact on me, or of a personal experience. Each of these different things that inspire the jewelry or clothing are all part of this personal transformation. They are all physical manifestations of reality. Every experience we have helps us grow our own Wings and become the woman we each want to be. So to answer the question, its Wings Hawai’i because we are each on our personal adventure, flying in and out of each others lives learning to be ourselves.

What gets you up in the morning and do you have a quote that you live by?
In the morning I am usually pretty happy to get up, go to the gym, visit my vegetable garden and get to work . I was told at one point: “find something that you love to do for work and you will never have to work a day of your life.” I love going into the studio to try and accomplish as many things off my never ending list as possible. I love creating, and I love speaking to people’s hearts.

What is one the most amazing things you have ever seen or found under the sea?
The most amazing thing I have seen under the sea is really hard to say. So many experiences that have blown my mind in the world underwater. Snorkeling north shore Oahu searching for shells and spotting one down a little deeper than I think I can dive, only to get there and grab it and kick as fast as I can to get back to the surface is probably one of my most favorite feelings. But it’s the dreams after a day of that that are really my favorite because I can stay underwater forever.

What do you consider your own style to be like?
My own style is really hard to pin point. At one point in college I decided that I wouldn’t be someone that could be classified and I dressed differently every day. I wanted to not be recognized for always looking the same. Now whats so funny is that I feel like I dress pretty simply, and the same every day. now no one ever recognizes me. (which I am totally ok with, its just so funny…especially if I take off my glasses!) My standard is a pair of jeans a white tshirt and a flannel or a chambray shirt…all of these things you can find really cute versions of in our store. I love embellishing these simple items with lacey and crocheted elements. I like to keep my clothes simple so that I can wear fun jewelry. The simpler the clothes are the more jewelry you can wear ;)

Do you have a favourite piece out of all the pieces you have ever designed and made?
A favorite item…that is really hard to say because there are a lot of pieces that have very special meaning to me, and may seem to be so simple to someone else. I love to believe in the power of manifestation. One of my very best friends from my childhood ran down a dark path and a lot of the jewelry I make I have little nuances in the numbers or inspiration that I hope to bring light to her journey. I would have to say that those are some of my most special pieces.

Where is your favourite place in the world to visit? to relax, unwind and be inspired?
My favorite place in the world to visit is anywhere I haven’t been yet!! To relax and unwind…interestingly enough, I think that its LA. I grew up in LA, my parents are still there, I feel my grandparents there. Sometimes when I need to ground back down that’s the place I need to do it. Family is super important to me and its hard to be away from them so much. So when a beach break or mountain hike isn’t cutting it I know that its time to return to get back to Venice. Its changed a lot since I left 13 years ago, but I know its heart is still there.

What can we expect for the future of Wings Hawaii?
The future of Wings Hawai’i. I am scared to say. Any time we have made a plan for the future it has happened right away. So I don’t know If I am ready to say. How about achieving greatness.

Enjoy their new Summer 2013 Look Book video below...

Love Leana


  1. Beautiful company, beautiful interview! Thanks foe sharing this!
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  2. Thank you so much Leanne, You're such a sweet heart. I really appreciate you sharing this with everyone. Best of luck on your thesis project. Aloha

  3. Thank you so much Leanne, You're such a lovely center. I really appreciate you discussing this with everyone. Best of fortune on your dissertation venture. Aloha

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