Thursday 18 September 2014

sunchaser SS15 || Arrow Divine Look Book

. sunchaser SS15.
instagram: @arrowdivine

photographer - Caitlin Miers  /  model - Mimie Lashiry & Darcy Dineen  /  
styling - sarah (creative director)  /  clothing/bags - All that Remains, Andi Bagus & Cantik swimwear

I am so excited to share with you all the look book for the lovely Arrow Divine and my friend Sarah's lovely new SS15 jewellery collection. It is always such a special thing for me to watch labels as they grow & go on their own journey, grabbing every opportunity they can and putting themselves out there, to then be given such great success in the end of all their hard work. 

Sarah is such an inspiration to all who know her, she seems to do just do it all and do it well! I feel so blessed to know her, have gotten to wear her designs and be sharing with you all her new collection today. I am such a big jewellery fan and I can't wait myself for the new pieces to come out :) helllooooo summer… couldn't have come sooner I must say.

So after all this excitement, don't forget to head over to at 7PM tonight to start making your purchase :)

"Sunchaser was inspired by the warmth of the summer sun, the azure waters and salty barefoot wanders, that lead us to the ocean. I wanted to create something that encompassed Summertime, all year round. Living in Melbourne, where it's 4 seasons in one day, I wanted to have that everlasting sun ray on my back that made me smile and feel good. Thats what my spring summer collection is to me.

Effortlessly detailed, casually edgy and that essence of bohemian surf spun throughout. Arrow Divine has evolved over the course of the last year, what was more gypsy inspired is now an ode to surf culture from which I was born into. It's only now that I have decided to stay true to who I am, as a designer, and my product becomes less contrived and more personal. I hope that's what my audience see's and loved about the brand I have created."
                                                                             - Sarah Creative director of Arrow Divine

I hope this brings some lovely sunshine to your week and 
just in time for the sunshine to hit Melbourne next week :)

love leana xx


  1. I love this lookbook! I'm so sad that it is no longer summer here in the US.


  2. i love love love the photos! mimie is such a great inspiration!

  3. omg this is so amazing <3<3



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