Thursday 25 September 2014

sunflower moments || face the sun & smile

outfit details:
kimono - LoveLeigh designs  /  dress - Erin Louise Fashion  /  bag - Spell Designs
shoots - Wild and Free Jewelry  /  flower crown - Native Riot  /  watch - Pandeia
necklaces - Child of Wild & Spell Designs  /  tattoo - Flash Tats  /  anklet - Forever Soles

. sunflower moments .

Sunflowers are such a special flower to me. They always seem to make my day and brighten any moment. They stand tall and face the sun, happy all the time. They grow and grow no matter what the flower next to it is doing, like we all should as people too. I had to share these photos below from my other worldly experience when travelling in Italy, i spent about an hour and half there taking photos and just taking it all in- something i will never forget.

So to receive this beautiful sunflower kimono from LOVELeigh designs was wonderful, a nice memory and reminder to me always how wonderful sunflowers are even when i can't buy them at the flower shop hehe.

here is a little about the company & an accompanying video too:

'I am currently living in mexico ( for the next 4 months) researching the start up of a women's collective. I am hoping to eventually teach homeless women how to sew, and then employ them to do production for LOVEleigh designs. Insuring an ethical work environment (including fair wages, and good hours), as well as helping them get into affordable housing and getting all the kids into school. While I am just in research phase for this, I am very excited about what is to come for LOVEleigh.'

LOVEleigh from Ivano Salonia on Vimeo.

Hope this post brightens your day
love leana xx

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  1. what a look! love it <3



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