Tuesday 28 October 2014

c a c t u s rose || Spell Designs S/S november look book

. cactus rose .

photographer: Ali Mitton /  model: Ashton Flutey  
styling & art direction: Isabella Pennefather
hair & make up: Luciana Rose  /  assistants: Amy Suriajaya & Declan Brown

' You laze inside your gypsy villa, where texture and colour fell in love, and trinkets tell their stories. The sound of distant motorbikes echo dusty streets, brightly painted walls peeling different shades of turquoise, a hint of incense in the air, the salt of a cold margarita lingers on your lips, the city holds its breath for another sunset… our wandering Spell muse, finds a momentary home in a far off land
- it could be anywhere...'

I probably say this every single time but well maybe I should just make it a known fact that I get pretty excited for any new spell collection haha :) There is something beautiful knowing the amount of endless hours they have spent being inspired, travelling, sketching, sampling and making this wonderful collection, all for the joy that we all get in owning it and wearing it with a smile. It is a wonderful process and studying fashion design myself there is honestly no better feeling that standing at the end of a semester next to your models wearing your finished collection… that small idea you began with has now become something real and beautiful :) a proud moment for anyone who knows it.

This look book makes me ever so excited to finish uni in a matter of weeks. It reminds me of the big world that is out there and how much I haven't seen and how much i have to explore. The feeling that reminds me why I love what I do and why I want to continue doing it. Spell Designs is a label i have followed nearly from the beginning and have always treasured every piece from them & loved watching their journey.

I hope this look book brings some wonderful inspiration to your week and don't forget to head over to their site to shop up the collection:

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  1. love this! the location and outfits are stand outs



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