Sunday 14 October 2012

A journey over a time...

all pieces are spell designs
shoes- rubi shoes
bra- spell designs
jewellery- lovisa
bracelet set- diva
leggings, bra, necklace- spell designs
scarf & nail polish- sportsgirl
bracelet set- diva
letters- typo

top & leggings- spell designs
bathers- seafolly
shoes- saltwater sandels

top & ring- spell designs
leggings, nail polish & necklace- sportsgirl

top & nail polish- sportsgirl
cardigan- billabong
leggings, dreamcatcher - spell designs
candle- tigerlily

scarf & bag- sportsgirl
skirt- cotton on
top, bra & bone necklace- spell designs
ring- house of harlow
necklace- lovisa

kimono- spell designs
shorts- insight
top- mink pink
hat- sportsgirl
shoes- saltwater sandels
necklace- wild and free jewellery

top & boots- sportsgirl
dress- tigerlily
cardigan- insight
leggings- spell designs

dress, ugh boots, leggings, horn necklace, beanie- sportsgirl
wooly cardigan- spell designs

dress- rip curl
skirt- rhythm
bra & bag- spell designs
jewllery- moonshine bay
shoe- saltwater sandels

cardigan- staple the label
top- mink pink
leggings- spell designs

jumper & festical singlet- sportsgirl
pants- forever new
top & buffalo ring- spell designs
shoes- rubi shoes

cardigan, hat, shorts, top, necklaces- sportsgirl
leggings- spell designs
shoes- tony bianco

tassel cardigan- minkpink
shorts- one teaspoon
top- spell designs
hat, boots & scarf- sportsgirl

top and cardigan- mink pink
shirt- vintage
pants, shoes and triangle necklace- sportsgirl
dreamcatcher- spell deigns

white dress- rip curl
pattern dress- house of wilde
jeans- billabong
cardigan- spell designs
beanie- sportsgirl
shoes- tony bianco

dress, top, leggings, necklace & shoes- sportsgirl
purple singlet- ozmosis
backpack- vintage

jeans, cardigan, singlet, shoes, beanie- sportsgirl
bag- spell designs

kimono, top & bag- spell designs
shoes & jeans- sportsgirl
tassle cardigan- minkpink

shoes & aztec dress- sportsgirl
bag- spell designs
orange dress- nunui
shorts- insight

long sleeve top & bag- vintage
singlet & hat- sportsgirl
bag- rip curl
shoes- saltwater sandels

kimono- arnhem clothing
dress- don't know
top- one teaspoon
shoes- saltwater sandels
bag-spell designs

leggins, shoes, jumoer & beanie- sportsgirl
top- neuw
tshirt- minkpink

leggings & bra- spell designs,
white kimono- arnhem clothing
hat, beanie, dreamcather top & boots- sportsgirl
orange top- mink pink

tops & bag- spell designs
skirt- rhythm
cardigan- minkpink
shoes- saltwater sandels
146 photos, 1 new blog, 3201 followers, 25 weeks later
instragram has been quite a journey for me and allowed me to show you all an insight into my design life and what inspires me.

i think it is very interesting to see the changes in design aesthetic, clothing and themes over my time on instragrm through these flat lays. i think i have developed  a lot over just this year and i think this is an interesting way to look at it..  i look back at the beginning ones and laugh to myself, it is funny how we all change so much over time even though we may not see it so obviously.

i have loved so much all your wonderful feedback and i have enjoyed so much instagraming and showing you all my little creations.

i hope to continue to inspire you just as much as you do for me- i love searching and finding amazing people on there and watching their journey too.

and maybe soon my actual designs will eventually make there way into a flat lay of mine hehe :)

there is a very interesting and exciting interview on its ways in the next few days...
here is a clue   T_ S_    C_ LL_ _T_ _E ;)

love leana
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  1. Your style is such an inspiration

  2. I love seeing all your IG photos of styled outfits.


    1. thank you heaps! i am slowly running out of clothes to put in them hahah
      need some new pieces :P
      i love your blog just as much too!

  3. glad to have stumbled upon your blog via instagram :) love that it sounds so delicious as well! xx


    1. hahha the name came from a tigerlily candle- everyone one thought my instagram name was silly at beginning but now i love it :)
      thanks of reading my blog :D hope to inspire you xooxox


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